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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

I don't know... I posted an add yesterday for a pair of hats that I'm not using and aren't doing me an good. Got a text within an hour of posting from someone trying to get my price way down, although to be honest, that persons starting price of $100 would have had me break even - which isn't bad. But today I got a call from someone that simply wants them and practices in the same building as I do. I expect to sell them tonight for asking price (although, I won't hesitate to knock off 20 bucks if they so much as ask).

I've had very few bad experiences. Actually, no bad experiences, unlike eBay where I've been stiffed on the last two transactions (both 21" A Zildjian Medium Rides, too. Go figure), just some more successful than others. Maybe I've just been lucky or maybe Seattle area CL users aren't as bad as they are in other areas.
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