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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey guys, I'm brand new to this forum but i hope to communicate with tons of awesome musicians and share ideas!

Real name? Tyler Shaban
Age? 17
How long have you been playing? for almost eight years. I began 10/22/03... yeah i have my first drum lesson on paper so i can celebrate the day i started drummin :p
Origin of user name? loooooooovveeee the shuffle. huge fan of it, best groove in the world
Your top 5 drummers? Steve Jordan, Chirs Layton, Steve Gadd, Art Blakey and Bill Stewart
Make of drumkit? One's a yamaha maple custom absolute, the other is a Pearl Export. With assorted snares though
Make of cymbal? Assorted zildjian A an K Customs with other sabian and paiste cymbals.
Where do you practice? Basement for drum set, upstairs for practice pad, car dashboard for emergencies hahaha
Are you in a band? used to be for a while, but i'd like to be in one soon
Do you play covers or originals? mostly covers
What style of music? Funk, Jazz, blues, latin, rock
Favourite take out food? Chicken ziti & broccoli
What country do you live in? USA! USA!
One really odd fact about yourself? my right calf is larger than my left from playing a single bass drum a lot hahahaha
How did you start drumming? had to choose and instrument for 4th grade band, and we had a drum set, so my parents encouraged me to give it a try. so happy they did :)
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