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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Ok, should probably be sleeping but this thread inspired me to post quickly...

I have bought and sold many musical instruments on CL here and have had my share of mixed experiences. The latest one in particular stands out for me:

I found a good deal on a 24" Sabian APX ride and need the money for the down payment. I decided to sell my Marshall DSL100 head to cover the cost and have a little walkin' around money. I took some pics and posted an ad with a week of unsuccessful results, just the occasional scammer asking if "the item(s)" was still avaliable.

Finally I get a legitimate email while a work. The guy says he has cash in hand and wants to buy it TODAY. I call him from work and I offer to meet him when I'm off. I get home a little early and sure enough he shows up. Turns out the guy is a local tattoo artist, big burly guy too, and he plays in a local band. I demo the amp for him like when I used to work at a music store and he's satisfied. Forks over $600 in cash, takes the amp and leaves, wishing me a great day.

I really do love that cymbal...
That dude got a sweet deal! but...gasp! hope you have another amp, your still playing guitar yeah? I recently picked up a mint Peavey VTM 60 in immaculate shape for 200$ w new tubes, good deals like that are still to be had, and from decent people. The dude I bought it from was super cool, it's just been a string of bad email exchanges like right after each other this past few weeks that had bummed me out.
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