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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

I used to supplement my income by buying, either from CL or pawn shops, and selling. I have had hardly any luck lately because despite selling good stuff for nothing and giving great deals and putting FIRM on my listing all I get is a bunch of low balling retards that ask, or just make an offer on it. The last assclown makes me an offer and I said sorry man price is firm, then he says well if you change your mind and take my offer them give me a call and I say No if you change your mind and decide to pay what I am asking them give me a call and hung up. It seems you could sell the Hope diamond for 10 bucks and some a-hole would have to try and talk you down lower, its like its just not a good deal unless they can talk you down lower, unbelievable! I even had a guy come look and say your price is more than fair but was wondering if you would take less? and then there are the no shows, no call back, spammers and scammers. I am pretty much done with CL.
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