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Default Re: Has anyone here worked in Best Buy's music department?

I worked as a cashier when I was in high school. Expect quotas & a push to drive sales despite no commission. You are expected to stay late on inventory nights, attend early morning meetings about once a month, and stand for long periods of time, you should be moving around more in this department which is a huge plus. The discount is incredible, a good team is vital, and after a short while the job aspects are easy.

My personal experience was not a good one, I was never more than a penny off on my drawer until one day me and 3 other cashiers were exactly 5 dollars off each. After being written up and refusing to sign it I quit. A year later I returned and chatted a bit, the supervisor had been grafting regularly and was finally fired.

Sales weeks are murder, the holiday season makes the shift move really quickly, but expect angry customers with weird stuff. (buying a 5000 dollar TV and arguing over batteries, etc.) Fist-fights are not uncommon too, people are under a lot of stress and money's tight.

I've been stopping in at different shops in MN to see what's there. I played one of the best tuned demo-set snares I've ever come across at the store right next to their headquarters, that guy knows his stuff. I think you'll get what you put into it and talked to a few people who've had better experience there than when they were at GC.

The line selection is small but the department is growing rapidly from what they were saying. I wasn't interested in most of their drums, had a few great but stock quality cymbals, surprisingly more sheet music for drums than I'm used to seeing. The staff has been timely and professional, not waiting for help for hours like GC. I think this comes from a business/sales push but makes me happier, so I'm not a bitchy customer ;)

If you got nothing else going on I think you could do worse, but it's definitely work. Don't think you're given license for goofing off. Also, if you're around my age when I worked there I poured about 80% of my paycheck back into the store, avoid that if you can but that discount is crazy.
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