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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

Originally Posted by Jack Boyd View Post
By the way, this is a real ad I recently found on Craig's List, in Los Angeles:

Rock Drummer Looking for New Project -

Yo. Posting says it all; no, I'm not a hired gun nor do I want money to rehearse with a band. I want to be in a bad a$$ rock band that makes sick music and melts people's faces off!

My influences: Def Tones, Tool, Rage, Meshuggah, Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin, Pink Floyd, Strung Out, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi, Zepplin, Floyd the list goes on and on. Ideally, I'd like to get a strong set together, get **** tight, record it, play shows and watch a career in playing music unfold. At least that's why I moved up here to Hollywood to do anyhow.

I have pro gear, a reliable car, and am ready to throw down for a lock out space if need be. I'm uber serious, but a fun guy that has a positive attitude, a pretty radical sense of humor, and a deflated ego. I have been playing drums for 19 years and Guitar for about 17, so I write a lot of music and I pride myself in being a musician, not a monkey beating on drums (read: normal drummer). Oh, and I'm 30, which isn't quite dinosaur yet, but I definately have a sense of urgency to make something amazing happen soon!

If your serious about shiz, please hit me up and we'll talk. I didn't want to write a 3-5 page essay about me, so anything else you want to know, please email me or call me.

Much respect,

(name withheld to protect the verbose)
And that's noteworthy because...? Actually, I like when people post like that. He got across a ton of useful info that I would want to know if I were looking for a drummer (or other musician).

Were you holding that up as an example of what a post should look?
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