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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

Originally Posted by Evilbagua View Post
It's a double edged sword I suppose because I have gotten some killer deals that I don't think would exist on ebay, and I've also sold stuff the same day for what it would go for on ebay without setting up/shipping etc. Another thing thats worked out well for me is trading and item for an item straight up. I miss the good old days, but your right it seems alot more people are "riff raff" and think they can make a quick buck on the ol craigslist.
I hate having to admit that this could just be human nature. But history is replete with incidences of people going absolutely stupid when things are stupid cheap or when there's the possibility of getting something for nothing. It's a shame, really. That's why you see a different sort of person shopping at WalMart as opposed to shopping at the up-scale malls across America, eh?

Sorry to have lumped groups of people together, I just call it like I see it. But I do shop at WalMart from time-to-time, too.
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