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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I think what you're facing is the "free-ness" of stuff on the internet. When you put things on eBay, you have to pay for it. Which means you're smart enough to read eBay's contract with you and understand what you're being charged for and how it gets paid. Craig's List, like that ol' standby the Recycler, functions alot cheaper or even free in some cases. Which means, it attracts people with no money hoping to get some. They don't understand that it takes money to make money, so alot of the blanks are left, well, blank.

There was time a few years ago when Knott's Berry Farm decided to let everyone in for a nickel. There was almost a riot outside the park and traffic jammed the streets. This is what happens when you give things away for free. You attract riff raff! Magic Mountain has a serious gang violence problem especially on those days they let people in for an aluminum can for their can drives. It's amazing. There's a reason things cost money, and a civil experience is one of them. It's a shame.

I've never dealt with Craig's List nor do I intend to. I'm not above anybody, really, it's just that things that are obviously so low-ball, really go below where I'm at on their own.
It's a double edged sword I suppose because I have gotten some killer deals that I don't think would exist on ebay, and I've also sold stuff the same day for what it would go for on ebay without setting up/shipping etc. Another thing thats worked out well for me is trading and item for an item straight up. I miss the good old days, but your right it seems alot more people are "riff raff" and think they can make a quick buck on the ol craigslist.
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