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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

Originally Posted by Evilbagua View Post
Situation 2- I have an ad up looking for a guitarist. I get a response "Looking still?" I reply yes and send maybe 4-5 sentances of information about the band pretty standard stuff and ask them a few questions. My reply back is in all caps and just says "DIDNT ASK FOR YOUR expletive LIFE STORY GEEZ"
Ridiculous. If I was responding to your ad, I would've been happy that someone is even trying to give me some info. Everybody I ever talk to keeps everything on the DL and doesn't give me any information about the project what so ever.

A somewhat unrelated experience: I inquired about a cymbal some guy was selling. We emailed back and forth, talked a bit and discussed the fact that my transportation was an issue so I might have issues getting to the cymbal. He said that was fine and we agreed that I'd get back to him in a week when I could possibly get a ride. A week went past and i was able to line up a ride. I contacted him back and he told me that he was no longer selling the cymbal because he was sick of people like me stringing him along. What the hell?
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