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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

+1 for Portland, Oregon. When I used to look at the ads, all I would see was over-priced items--a lot of them MORE than retail (a Sonor Safari shell pack for $700? I'll take two, thank you...). But, when it came time for me to sell things, everyone was suddenly a low-balling wheeler-dealer, and when they finally talked you down to 10% of retail, they flaked out on your scheduled meeting time. Oh, and then there are the random flaggers that every so often pick one ad and flag it every time it gets posted. You see the ad getting re-posted time and time again, with the poster pleading for whoever is flagging them to tell them WHY they are being flagged, and never getting an answer. Plus, only one out of every twenty people you deal with on there are decent human beings, it seems. I never met at my house due to the extreme sketchiness that I saw time and time again. And, when you actually met someone that could qualify a sane and level-headed, there was this awkward pouring out of gratitude from the other person, thanking you for not being a sketchy low-balling flake.

I'm amazing I kept checking it out for so long. Not for me anymore. My days of buying and selling on craigslist are over as of last month. Good riddance.
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