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Default Re: Why is everyone on craigslist so dumb?

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Never used it. Not even sure we have it in Oz to be honest.

But I had to write and say how much I admire your reserve.
I couldn't have helped myself. I'd still be pissing them off with antagonistic or trolling emails as we speak, if I had have recieved the same responses.

That god for ebay. I have only pleasant experiences to note from my exchanges there.

Crazy??? You're a bloody saint my friend. ;-)
It's just so strange that I always have had really good luck or know right away the person won't be a good fit or It's not worth checking an item out, but the past few exchanges have gone really bad. I want to troll so bad but I was using my legit email lol and the one musician response ad guy got the name and info of my band.
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