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Default Re: Motorola Droid 3 VS Apple iPhone 4

I'm a bit of a nerd and I want punch HTC in the face...
To be fair to HTC, I think they offer some of the best company customisation out there. HTC Sense is probably the best Android skin I've come across; but this is an issue with Android. To try and differentiate between brands, the companies all like to add the skins and some of them (LG's for instance) can cause real slowdown and crashing.

It's probably worth stripping any Android install you have down to 'basic' Android with a third-party ROM. This also unlocks your phone. It's reasonably simple to do but it's definitely one for the white and nerdy (and beardy, in my case) among us. This may void any warranty you have though! In my case, it's definitely helped because I've been able to overclock my phone and enable Wifi tethering as well as a more fluid UI. It's a shame that Android phones are full of bloatware and that's why I'd say something like the Samsung Galaxy SII is a good idea because it's billed as a 'Google Experience' device - meaning it comes with just stock Android.
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