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Default Re: Has Anyone Seen Stan (Steamer)

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Here some of the ones that have accompnied my videos.

1. The pacing of that video was rather arrogant.

2. It was interesting until the championship singles (anything with singles makes you a bad guy).

3. Your facial expressions were too self assured for my tastes.

4. Personally I prefer not to play with inhuman technique.

5. When you get older you'll learn that playing like everyone else will make you a better player.

6. I have no idea what that music is but you're probably not feeling it.

7. Why do you feel the need to post videos in the third person?

8. I don't feel the need to post video and have my ego stroked. I just like making my opinions known.
Reading that list, each one had me laughing and I would think that's my favorite, until I read the next one. I can understand about the singles though. There's just some rudiments I don't like, the nine stroke roll, for example. I mean the five and seven are great, the eleven and thirteen are awesome; but the nine. I don't know, I guess I just don't understand the style.A I bet the favorite drummers of the guy who said that all use singles.
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