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Default Re: Motorola Droid 3 VS Apple iPhone 4

Originally Posted by Homeularis View Post
I am not a computer nerd, quite the opposite, so maybe the simpler iPhone would be better for me.
Stick with the iPhone in that case. I'm a bit of a nerd and I want punch HTC in the face for what they did with their recent 2.3.3 software update on the EVO. And if that second sentence is something you never want to utter, stick with the iPhone.

You can hit the mobile version of Youtube's site via the Safari browser or as MFB stated there's a specific Youtube app, although I'm seeing more and more "not available for mobile" content (on Youtube apps in general; cross platform) and I'm not too sure why that is, but I don't like it one damn bit.

Regarding Flash support, there's a lot of discussion about it because Google's advertising models are built on it. You've got one of the biggest most influential companies in the world, and the majority of their revenue comes from advertising, hence Flash is the lingering conversation topic. To be quite honest, when it comes to mobile phones I'm not a fan of Flash whatsoever. There's just way too much excessive nonsense going around on the borders of browser windows wasting my battery and holding up pages from loading. Fortunately, on Android, you do have the option to load it automatically, or on an as needed basis, or just certain content, or none at all.

On an irrelevant note, they do make a Game-boy case for the iPhone 4. That item alone makes me long for an iPhone. "Nuff said.
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