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Default Re: Has Anyone Seen Stan (Steamer)

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Love it. This is my favourite posting by you thus far.

I've not heard a trombone trio before and the textures (plus the 'bone's unique vibe) are refreshingly different. Everyone's playing is top drawer - outstanding (inhuman? *wink*) - and the sounds you're pulling from the kit are inspiring. You have all all the pieces sounding fabulous.

This one's going in my collection - thanks Stan!

I'm no expert in this music but I know you're feeling it :)
Thanks Polly and enjoy and nice to hear you're "feeling it" too :}

I know the other 2 in the group really liked this particular take. Pretty sweet raw recorded sounds coming from this straight "off the floor" mix in this shared file....the drum/cymbal is just right to my ears.

Oh and for those interested in the recording particulars that drum/cym. sound you're hearing was achieved with stereo pair mounted on a boom a few feet above my head...that's it :} The recording engineer said the best way to record drums in this type of highly dynamic based acoustic ensemble music is to hear it {and capture it} the way the drummer hears it from the driver's seat... I agree!

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