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Default Re: Motorola Droid 3 VS Apple iPhone 4

Thanks for the input guys. I realise now that this thread looks like a flame provoker, but thats DEFINATELY NOT what I intended. :)

I already know that there are good and bad about both and that they are gererally equal.
I'm just trying to figure out which one will ultimately be better for me. I am not a computer nerd, quite the opposite, so maybe the simpler iPhone would be better for me.
I also like the boldness (looks) and heavyness of the Droid.

What are the "workarounds" for Flash?. How hard or expensive are they to get and do they work for all Flash applications?.
How do you watch Youtube on iPhone without it?.
There are alot of discussions about the importance of Flash so If its straight up not needed then why all the fuss?.

I just want my phone to run video off the net without problems and I'm a noob when it comes to smartphones. ;)
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