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Default Re: Motorola Droid 3 VS Apple iPhone 4

I own an Android phone and if I had the chance, I'd swap for an iPhone.

This could easily turn into the kind of flame war that you see in Engadget; so I'm going to try and keep it objective.

The Droid 3 is a decent phone - no doubt - but I have issues with Android. I'm running Gingerbread (2.3) on my HTC and I think the Droid is still running Froyo (2.2). That's not an issue in itself, but I always find that Android has a number of alterations made to it by the manufacturers and these can severely undermine the basic Android experience with buggy software and increased lag and potentially draining the battery with value-added 'features'. For this reason, my HTC runs Cyanogen Mod.

My Dad and a few of my friends have an iPhone. I'm always impressed with how fluid and fast it feels and Apple have done a lot of optimisation to make the user experience really excellent. My Dad has on older iPhone 3GS and I love it because there is never any lag and it just does what I want it to. The menus are more sensibly laid out and generally more logical. With Android, I get occasional lag (which happens to a lot of Android phones - regardless of spec) and it's often trickier to work out where various menu items are. I also think that the basic 'look' of Android is clunky in comparison to iOS.

Functionality wise - Android can do more. It's easy to tether my connection (with the right third-party mods) and there are all kinds of applications available. Unfortunately, the Android Market is riddled with terrible programs and there is a a general lack of quality control. It doesn't feel like a premium product like the iPhone App Store does - even though there are fewer free applications on the Apple App Store.

There are workarounds for Flash on the iPhone. Personally, I avoid using Flash on my desktop, let alone on my phone.

Do I like my Android phone? Well - it's alright. It does what i want it to do - but I want an iPhone. I think the iPhone offers a better experience than an Android phone. Specifications are irrelevant; it all comes back to the software and I think iOS is generally better written than Android - although Android can do more. I'm a nerd and I can get Android to work for me but some non-nerd users may find Android difficult to get to grips with; especially compared to iOS which really is simple to use and well thought-out.
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