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Default Motorola Droid 3 VS Apple iPhone 4

Hi all!. I have a question for all you iPhone and Droid owners.

I just picked up a Droid 3 eight days ago. Its my first smartphone (lol) and I'm just trying to get some input from the owners of either one (or anything else for that matter) because I have a few days (very few) to return it in order to get an iPhone 4, if needed.

So far, I'm liking it but the battery seems weak. I could get the extended battery for $50 and thats basically how much more I'd have to pay for the iPhone 4.

A couple things that stick out for me are...

The iPhone doesnt support Adobe Flash Player, so how do you run vids from Youtube and the like that require Flash?. That may be ok in the future, but isnt that limiting now?.

The Droid does support Flash and has a killer slideout keyboard that I like very much.
I dont know if they make/sell Android Market gift cards Though. That is my preffered way to pay for music and apps.

Anyone that has opinions and info about these two phones would be greatly appreciated. :)

Thanks much you guys!. :)
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