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Default Re: Q3 Question/Does Thomas Lang answer questions anywhere?

I'm not familiar with the Q3 although I've seen people writing about it.

I think the main point the OP wanted to address was the ability to somehow get the Q3 to use a cymbal stand end to hold it up.

AFAIK that's not going to happen with standard cymbals stands.

However - if you want to keep it on the cheap, locate a mike stand (friends, band members, etc.) that is old and has lost it's ability to adjust and tighten. It eventually happens to all mike stands and they become less and less useful. Try threading the Q3 on to the top to make sure it's OK. and compatible.

Get a hacksaw and cut off the top of the tube with the threaded part. At this point you would need a multi clamp to attach it to the cymbal stand. I've got some old Tamas and Pearls that still work great after 20 years. You might be able to find a used one for $5 or so. Make sure it will clamp sown on the somewhat thin diameter of the sawed off mike stand. Then clamp it on to the cymbal stand.

The challenge will then be making sure it's not too close to a cymbal. You might need to dedicate that cymbal stand just for recording. FWIW, with the sawed off tube and a multi clamp you can use any sturdy stand to do this.


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