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Default Re: My Bassist and I...

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
Does anyone else have this kind of relationship with any of their bandmates? Let's dedicate this thread to them if you do.
Yep....another bass player. My best mate. Has been since we were in garage bands together. I've worked in more bands and played more gigs with him than any other single musician. We are very tight and it shows through in many areas of my life.....musically is no exception. I've played with better bass players and I'm sure he's played with better drummers....but it never seems to hold a candle to rockin' out together. I'd form a band again with him tomorrow if he showed any interest.

Dunno about a dedication though.....that'd do no favours to his already massive head. I think a tirade of abuse followed by my insistance that it's his shout, would be much more our style. :-)
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