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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Jon
Age? 27, on the cusp of 28
How long have you been playing? 16 years
Origin of user name? From another Forum I use, it's mostly made up of my initials
Your top 5 drummers? Mitchell, Moon, Bonham, Rich, Krupa (could easily make up a top 15 though)
Make of drumkit? A Pearl, a Vintage Premier and a Gretsch, will tomorrow own a Ludwig Supraphonic
Make of cymbal? Sabian HH's and AAX Hi Hat
Where do you practice? In me and my GF's house, need to get a bigger house that can hold three kits though
Are you in a band? I'm in two, both in my signature
Do you play covers or originals? All originals
What style of music? Rock, but I like a bit of Hip Hop also
Favourite take out food? Chinese
What country do you live in? The UK
One really odd fact about yourself? I cannot stand Yamaha Drums, I don't know why as every kit I've played has been a good kit. Just cannot stand them for some reason....Maybe I was dropped on my head on one of their kits as a small boy.. I don't know
How did you start drumming? Just really started to take note of the instrument, then decided I wanted to learn. Played on Pillows in between lessons for nearly a year until I could purchase my first kit. Haven't looked back since.
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