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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Aaron Jackson, although most everybody calls Ronny instead. Product of a mild speech impediment that makes it difficult for me to pronounce the letter 'r' - people used to think my name was 'Alan' when I introduced myself.

Age? 23, as of a couple of weeks ago.

How long have you been playing? A little over two years, although I haven't been taking a serious interest for all that time.

Origin of user name? My name elsewhere is 'Be' and most forums won't let me have a name that short, so 26 was picked out of the ether to tack on the end.

Your top 5 drummers? Ooh, there's a tricky one. Kneejerk reactions all around - Neil Peart, Jimmy Sullivan, Brad Wilk, Chad Smith, Peter Criss. The latter might seem out of place, but I include him because I suspect he was the one playing on Strutter and, like I say below, that grabbed me. If I stopped to think, I'd probably come up with a hundred and one better choices but, as I said, kneejerk reactions.

Make of drumkit? N/A. The kit was a 21st birthday present from my parents and I suspect it came out of the Argos catalogue. I'm looking to upgrade, but I'm not sure whether to go acoustic or electronic (see below).

Make of cymbal? Mostly N/A. The kit came with unbranded hats and crash/ride (12 and 14 inches respectively) but, when the hats were beyond all use, I picked up a pair of Sabian Solar hats off eBay.

Where do you practice? At home. Although I have my own room and my housemates are more tolerant than one might expect, I'm probably going electronic with my next kit for noise reasons.

Are you in a band? No. The closest I've come is playing in a friend's garage.

What style of music? Do I play? Rock is the best description. I play stuff that takes my fancy and, since the overwhelming majority of the music I listen to is rock and metal, it makes sense that's what I ebb towards. On the list of stuff I'm working on, to illustrate, is Florence and the Machine, Kings of Leon and the Red Hot Chili Peppers [Mother's Milk/One Hot Minute-era]

Favourite take out food? Chinese. Crispy shredded chilli beef.

What country do you live in? The United Kingdom. I'm a Brit living in London (technically Kent, but it's inside the London transport network so I count it).

One really odd fact about yourself? My winning personality and odd sense of humour don't count? Alright: my senses are terrible. My hearing is not great, I'm both red-green colourblind and exceptionally short-sighted, and I'm practically anosmic - I have nearly no sense of smell.

How did you start drumming? The rhythm games. Rock Band first got me interested in the actual act, a song on Guitar Hero - Strutter, by KISS - first turned me onto the sound.
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