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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Ukri Suvilehto
Age? 17
How long have you been playing? About 8 years
Origin of user name? My neighbor started to call me as ''Uge'' many many years ago, nowadays pretty much everyone calls me Uge instead my real name Ukri. :)
Your top 5 drummers? Derek Roddy, Tomas Haake, Kai Hahto, Morgan Ågren, Matt Halpern.
Make of drumkit? At this moment Tama but I'm getting Pearl.
Make of cymbal? Sabian, Stagg, Zildjian, Paiste...
Where do you practice? At home
Are you in a band? A technical death metal band from Finland ''De Lirium's Order'', my soloproject ''Psykoosi'' and couple upcoming projects...
Do you play covers or originals? Both
What style of music? Mainly metal.
Favourite take out food? Pizza
What country do you live in? Finland
One really odd fact about yourself? Dunno, I think pretty much everything in me is odd. :D
How did you start drumming? Too long story to tell here, read this:
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