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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by glynes
My band has been working on 'Message in a Bottle' ... I'm very intimidated by the drumming, but finally taking it beat-by-beat and getting it broken down ... actually quite fun to play. I'll definitely be listening to other Copeland stuff to try.
Be careful with that one.. there are actually two drum tracks running for the entire song. He did this a lot and it's so great. Some times it's real obvious as when the back beat goes right through the fills (Ghost in the Machine) .. but on the early records it's harder to hear, but it's there. It's just the way a guitar player would do it and it's brilliant. Check out the last verse of Message in a Bottle .. you're hearing two hands on the hi hat and ride cymbal and snare. The whole thing just lifts off the ground from the extra "hands" as it were.

Stewart is one of the great ones. I can't wait to see his home movies. I also wish the Police would tour again, but I'm not holding my breath.
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