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Default Re: Searching for a singer... Sheer Hell.

Originally Posted by KBadd View Post
You are a credit to being a musician. I am also the drummer. But I also "produce" the overall sound of my band. I help choose bass parts, guitar riffs, and keyboard parts. I do not choose the singing parts. I leave that to the professional singer....I can sing BUT I am NOT a "singer".

Someone HAS to be the "leader" of the band, period. There will always be one person who does most of the work. Keep auditioning singers!!! Stay the course dude!

My bass player books all our gigs now. 20+ years ago I booked all the gigs plus what I said.

You are going to work hard at something no matter what you might as well be music!
+1, I'm in two bands. My other band the guitarist tries to tell me how to play my drum parts and I say "It won't work" and then I play something and he's impressed, then a part of the song which may be meh I'll bring it up and we might change a few notes around. But he writes most of the songs on his own. My other band though, I might come up with an idea and then we'll all work around it. But sometimes I do more work than what the guitarists can do. Which I guess is a credit to have and it's something good for years to come. I listen to loads of different types of music too which probably helps my ear and when I can say "Maybe add a F# in there rather than a C" or whatever and it works!

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
Not everyone needs to be the driving creative force or frontman in a band, that goes without saying, the key to any successful band is not the individual wow factor of all the members, but the chemistry between them.

You can have half a dozen of the greatest musicians in the county and you wont make an enduring band unless you can gel.

The point of all this is look for a singer you like, not just the guy with the most amazing voice and don't stress if you're writing more than your band mates providing they're as into it as you are and you making music together.
I have to say, my other band is kinda like that. The frontman wants everything his way and me and the bass player are like "we could get another guitarist?" "No, that's not 'punk'" and I'm like "Another guitarist will help the sound" but he doesn't listen and writes everything on his own and doesn't take others ideas. This band I'm talking about however, we all get along and work great together. If one of us is playing something one of us will say "Did you come up with that? Keep playing it!" and we've got a song by the end of the day. Infact, last practice we had 3 songs in the space of the 5 hours we practiced.

Originally Posted by LeftoverPenguin View Post
I find myself in a similar situation right now. My brother (lead guitar) and I are the only two doing anything in our five-person band. So we're left wondering what to do ourselves. It's frustrating! I really don't want to have to write lyrics and melodies for the singer for every song in addition to writing my drum part.

Oh yeah, one more thing: we were supposed to have a gig last weekend when one of our band members suddenly found out he couldn't make it the week before (these were circumstances out of anybody's control), but he says he went and talked to the owner of the place and basically did everything he could but we were going to have to cancel the gig. Okay, fine. This week we come to find out that they were there that night still expecting us to come and play. We've since smoothed everything over with the place, as he thought he was still waiting on a call from us to confirm we couldn't get a sub or something, but that is a situation I don't want my band to find itself in ever again.
I write alot of the work in my band. But whenever we all write something together it's always different from our other songs, which is pretty awesome and it's going to appeal to everyone. My Mum or Dad will come up and be like "That sounds really good" and it's something we can be proud of. Because they like loads of Electronic and dance stuff and my dad likes British New Wave of Heavy Metal and we write something and he likes it.
When I write something though, it wows everyone and we keep it in our book of ideas.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It all makes sense, Chris. That's how it goes for lots of players.

The first band becomes frustrating for whatever reason so you start looking to upgrade. Keep up the practice, keep on grooving and put out the feelers ...
Totally! It's the first band which I've actually been able to be a fully comitted songwriter rather than "Play drums to this" I'm actually orientating it with guitars and stuff aswell as trying to write songs at the same time.

Originally Posted by The Gedge View Post
My band's having almost exactly the same problem, except I'm not the one who does most of the work. Our bassist heard me singing once and thought it was good, but I really don't want to sing, so we still don't have one.
I got that once in the early days of my band... I said "I'll do backing..." and this was when our guitarist sang. He doesn't do it anymore sadly.

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
It's tough, isn't it. My band's looking for a singer at the moment too, they do not grow on trees...especially not power metal singers, that's for sure!
My band found a singer today actually, and I know the guy which makes it easy. You guys are lucky to have Guitar Center to advertise. In the UK most of the stores that advertised are closed. Though, my drum shop has a bulletin board. Which has loads of deals on it.

Thanks guys!
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