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Default Anybody from Stockholm?

Hi everybody, but swedish particularly this time.

I was in Stockholm about a week ago, and now I'm try (and need) to find one music store again.

Here are clues:

Me and my wife arrived with a ship from Finland early in a morning, but I don't remember ships name. We walked through old town to a music store called "Musikpunkten".

Because there was no acustic drums at all, after a few hours of walking like a tourist, we walked back to old town and we're going to another music store, which address we friendly got from first one, and in that journey I spotted one music store I did not even knew to exist on earth.

It was in basement, piles of cymbals and snares everywhere, and snares keeps irritating noise behind me when I try to listen a few of them. Little piece a bubblewrap between drum head and snare will make perfect silent for stocking. And that store was in Södermalm. That´s everything I can tell you about this issue.

Huge thanks for everybody who can help.

PS: You have a beautiful city in there.
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