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Default Re: Searching for a singer... Sheer Hell.

I find myself in a similar situation right now. My brother (lead guitar) and I are the only two doing anything in our five-person band. So we're left wondering what to do ourselves. It's frustrating! I really don't want to have to write lyrics and melodies for the singer for every song in addition to writing my drum part.

Oh yeah, one more thing: we were supposed to have a gig last weekend when one of our band members suddenly found out he couldn't make it the week before (these were circumstances out of anybody's control), but he says he went and talked to the owner of the place and basically did everything he could but we were going to have to cancel the gig. Okay, fine. This week we come to find out that they were there that night still expecting us to come and play. We've since smoothed everything over with the place, as he thought he was still waiting on a call from us to confirm we couldn't get a sub or something, but that is a situation I don't want my band to find itself in ever again.
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