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Default Re: Marco Minnemann

I found a copy of "THE MARCO SHOW" on evilBay for cheap and bought it.

I'm so glad I did.

That's not a DVD. It's an experience!

I saw Marco in clinic maybe 10 years ago in some music shop in southern Indiana. I was amazed by his chops, but thought his musicality was a little wanting.

No more. He's not a smooth jazz dude by any means, but he's murdering the technical stuff with ease and he's (IMO) far more musical than he was a decade ago.

Simply an amazing musician. Think of where he'll be in another 10 years!

I only wish I could have caught him with Adrian Belew's band last year. Too scary a thought!

Now I only have to buy a ticket to see him with Bryan Beller and Guthrie Govan in Chicago in October!
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