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Default Searching for a singer... Sheer Hell.

Well, my "band" have been searching for a singer for a few months now (and when I say searching, that means me.) It is becoming sheer hell as we've had about 12 people wanting to audition, one auditioned and left without telling us and I found out via another person that he was in 6 bands at the same time and quit them all, which annoyed me.

Anyways, to the subject of "searching". I feel I'm the only one in my band trying to look for members or trying to do things with the band. They come up with guitar riffs then it doesn't progress and we're playing the same riff as a song and then I say "What's going on here?" and they're like "We've done all we can do" and I pick up a guitar and I have a Verse or a Chorus to the song in less than 10 minutes and they think it sounds great. And I've wrote about 4 songs on my own and they think they're great. So basically I'm doing all the work.
Producing sounds for the bands and stuff.

Tonight I basically said to the guitarist I can't do this anymore if I've wrote most of the songs and done most of the work and if we can't find a singer by the end of August then I say we call a break and do something else until we think it's right to come back.
It was my idea to start the band at first, and I've done alot with it. So my say is always relevant as I'm taking it as serious as I can. And I know it sounds selfish, but last week I said "We don't really have any restrictions at all" but now I'm thinking about it. Because I never planned to be like this, I wanted us all to be the boss.

Is this the right thing to do?
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