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Default Re: Drummers and bands: Think globally

Nice article, Ian. I think that you touch on some great points. I remember Joe Morello saying there is room for everyone. And now with the internet and global economy, it helps you to find out where your room is. If you hate some type of music or love some other types of music, even if there is no one in your immediate neighborhood who shares you feelings, in the global neighborhood, there are probably millions to share your interests.

When I was young, I really loved progressive rock. But I came of age when progressive rock was over, and there was literally no one interested in doing it. I used to run ads in the music papers month after month and get like one or two responses if I were lucky. Of course, I lived 15 minutes from John Petrucci, but he had to go to Berkelee to find his band. Why didn't he ever read my ad? :)

It has been said by folks far wiser than I am, you have to do this for yourself. And when you can find others who share your interests, more power to you.
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