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Default Re: Has Anyone Seen Stan (Steamer)

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
My wife would disagree with that:)

Am I invited to the club? Have I been here long enough? Does my (lately uber poor) rock style exclude me?

Anyhow, I'm about to fix the "lack of discussion" issue. Next week I'll post my latest playing. It's a masterclass in how not to record music, bad drumming performance, & the penalties associated with trying to do things un prepared & without enough time. Should provide plenty of meat at the kill! I'm happy in my role of "forum duffer"!
Are you really going to post something. Man, hasn't any one told you yet you suck. Some say it takes a lot of nerve to post, but man you got some nerve posting.

How's that to get you started? LOL!!!
Ken Marino Drum Teacher "It's not worth keeping score. You win some. You lose some, you let it go"
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