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Default Re: To Buy or Not To Buy, that is the question.

I don't know, Taylor makes some pretty awesome and expensive guitars. My thoughts on the whole custom vibe is slightly skewed by the fact that if I was off somewhere on the road and something broke how easy would it be to get it fixed? When I applied that to Southern California, just looking at name brands, I love Sonor, but no one around here carries Sonor (except for maybe Pro Drum in Hollywood - a 50 minute drive into the city for me), so if I broke a lug or needed a part for a broken pedal, no chance of getting a spare part as immediately as say, DW parts (everyone plays those out here, go figure).

So when I look at it like that, custom is cool, but not that cool. Besides, I want to appear a little generic because I want my playing to stick out instead. I'd go with the Taylor. Give me a good dreadnaught 810 and I'd be happy ;)
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