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Default Re: Distinctive drum sound tracks

Notable drum sounds are mostly the result of production, and to a lesser degree, the drums or the drummer. Remember, the question is about sound, not style. In that vein, we have Bonham on just about everything that Led Zeppelin recorded, Bev Bevan with almost everything ELO cut, I'll agree with Stewart Copeland in general and of course "In The Air". Let's not forget the Power Station gated drums from Tony Thompson (also on a few of Bowie's early '80s albums.)

But some drums indeed had a signature sound, and the most recognizable - to the geezers here anyway - were Hal Blaine's concert toms, heard on countless tracks throughout the late-'60s and through the '70s from the Carpenters to Neil Diamond to Cher, etc etc. You always knew when Hal was playing on a song, as much for those toms' sound as his style.

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