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Default Re: Distinctive drum sound tracks

I think the obvious Phil Collins will come up alot. I think he was the only one who was really doing sonically different things with his drums.

But I think a couple of others would be Bill Bruford on Yes' Roundabout, and Stewart Copeland on the stuff he did with the Police from the third album 'til the end. He had his sound really different from everybody else by the time they got to Zenyatta Mondatta.

Even when Bill Bruford joined the re-formed King Crimson in the 80s, the saving grace was the tunable Simmons pads, but he was still using a pingy snare. So although he came up with alot of different textures, sonically it wasn't like the sound he got on the Fragile album.

Another different-sound came from Jack DeJohnette, Tony Williams, and Max Roach, I think you can tell who's who when they play.
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