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Default James E Richardson....

Hi, I am technically not new to the forum, but have been absent from it for a while, so with the intention of keeping up to date with it from now on, I thought I would 're-introduce' myself.

I am James E Richardson; Drummer/Percussionist/Ethnomusicologist/Composer/Tutor

I play drums permanently in a range of projects as well as session playing for many different projects across a wide expanse of styles. I have recently begun my own, personal project, which will become my 'life-long musical brain-child' and serve as my most personal, powerful and special of expressions. It now has a name and the first photo shoot has taken place with its aesthetic direction proving perfect. The commission of a new instrument for inclusion in it has finally been made and am thoroughly looking forward to being able to immerse myself in the creative process for it

I am also an ethnomusicologist, specialising broadly in rhythm and metre (more specifically of the Mediterranean). Not just involved with rhythm and metre on a theoretical level, but also the way in which it communicates with the cultures it belongs to and the part it plays within that cultures music.
Furthermore, the ancient rhythmic and metrical theory of a culture and the journey it has taken; what part it plays either in or outside of that cultures‘ music today.

My sites are as follows, where I can be contacted and hired and all information, news and media can be found:!/je_richardson
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