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Default Re: Has Anyone Seen Stan (Steamer)

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Hey, hey the gang's all here!!

Thanks for the kind and warm words. We've had some great times and some lengthy and thorough discussions. I know I've learned an immense amount from these discussions both public and private. It's nice that we all have fond memories of those moments even though some of the public threads could be fueled with heated debate and harsh disagreements. Nothing wrong with that. Best to all!!
Healthy discussions, exchanges, debates and back and forth contrasting POV's is the straight course of action to learning i've found Ken.

Trolling on the other hand in discussions is something I have no time or tolerance for when it comes to internet forums......nothing learned...nothing gained.

P.S. I have a real nice track sent to me via a file sharing website from the rec. session the other day...killer playing and sounds from raw yet to be mixed data.....have to get the OK from the group's leader first before I can provide a Web link for a listen or download.....

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