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Default Re: Show Off Your PEARL!

Pearl ELX (1999 ish) in amber mist lacquered finish.

10" x 8"
12" x 10"
13" x 11" (on left of snare)
14" x 12"
16" x 16"
22" x 16" Bass drum

14" x 6.5" brass Pearl Sensitone Elite
In the case on the floor is my spare snare, a 13" x 5" Pearl Omar Hakim Signature.

Hardware is all top of the line Pearl (well, it was top of the line in 1999 anyway), apart from the double Iron Cobra bass pedal and Iron Cobra hi-hat stand.

Heads are coated emperors on the batter side and clear ambassador resonants. Bass drum has a clear PS3 batter.

Cymbals are all Sabian

8" HH splash
10" HH splash
13" HH hats
14" HH hats
16" HH crash
17" HHX crash
18" HHX crash
18" HH china
20" HH medium ride

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