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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by tambian89
True; He is very good, but there really wasn't a groove going on. Greb is a master of musicality; this kid has touched upon it, but he hasn't got the experience that Greb has. Given some more time, I think he will become ridiculous; forget 10 years, in 1 year this kid could improve exponentially.

- Marc

Yeah i agree with you completely. Exposed to the right music (hehe) and musicians, he could be quite an amazing groover as well! He has the natural rhythmic ability.

Besides how do we know if he was just pulling our chain or not? Remember when Nutha talked about seeing Virgil Donati do a clinic on groove? And none of us had any idea!

also, i know of your 4 limbs and your voice. whats the last one????
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