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Default Re: John Favicchia here

Had a night off in Montreal, so I went to John's clinic at Drum Bazar. It was an evening well-spent! Chris Lesso started out with some nice chops and a bit of discussion, but John was really the draw. He was engaging, funny, informative, worked the crowd a bit, but best of all he played and grooved, showing off some great chops. Not chops for chops' sake, but completely in context with the tracks he played to. For me with most clinics, I walk away thinking "apart from the fact that I can't play that stuff, I would never try to congest music with all those fireworks anyway." But tonight, I thought "although I can't play that stuff, I would like to because I could see myself using it at times!"

As we say in the biz, John gives good clinic! I highly recommend seeing him!

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