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Default My Bassist and I...

We have quite the special relationship.

He is conservative in many ways and a libertarian to the bone. A very strong constitutionalist.

I am liberal, probably to a fault. I am also fairly libertarian, but moderately so. I like to claim I'm independent.

The two of us are great friends, despite our conflicting political, economic, social, and philosophical views. We argue half of the time I'm at his house, and it never gets to either of us. We remain friends, and at the end of any sort of debate we see each other no differently than when it started. I guess being in a band together and just liking good music is a stronger bond than I give credit to. Perhaps being rhythm section guys groups us together anyway.

Does anyone else have this kind of relationship with any of their bandmates? Let's dedicate this thread to them if you do.
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