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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by Sonorholic
Makes me wish I was near a Skyline!! Hey Billy, another former Cincy guy here, just saying hello. I'll be in NYC soon, maybe we can hang? Glad to see you're here, I just joined up myself.
Man.... yeah! Great to hear from you S-holic! Will enjoy seeing you whenever it happens!

I'm around NYC alot the next couple-a-months. But then Musickmesse (frankfurt) for a minute. and then a clinic tour in May. I don't think I'm allowed to announce it yet myself... :(

Will be great to see you whenever I can.
Hey - I just bought a bmw wagon. (i know you are into cars - you have an audi, right?) I hate the stigma here in the states about buying a decent car - but I'm non-repentant mostly.

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