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Default Re: Has Anyone Seen Stan (Steamer)

Looks like I need to catch up but it's nice to hear from some of the folks i've met here.

Speaking of which........

You're welcome Matt and once you've shaken off the travel dust we're all watching to see what {musical} adventures come your way next....more news to follow folks.

Thanks again Bob and I like the kit shown in your sig....sweet!

I hear you Andy but no need to be too humble but I understand the thought behind what you said...we all feel that way at times no matter where we are in are journey when everything is constantly under the microscope in public view. Hiding away and just enjoying what we do with folks in the flesh is sometimes the best course of action without the weight of certain outside "influences" and "expectations" in the mix. Always has to be fun being #1.....

Nice to to see you Ken :} Ken and I for the record {Matt too} have had some truly indepth exchanges to get down to the core of things on jazz and jazz drummers here in the past. In the end both involved came away with a new way at looking at the same thing with a understanding to always consider the other man's {or women's} point of view. This is how you stay humble as a musician to keep a open mind to learn i've been taught in life.

Thanks Larry. I've always found you're straight up grounded wisdom for where you see things from your honest perspective to be ever refreshing around here.

Also thanks for the other folks who chimed in earlier in the thread to check up on some of us long time DW "regulars" are doing. Now off to do some more recording.....

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