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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Ah, the voice of ignorance speaks. That, I'm quite sure, is what a lot of jazz snobs said about Bonham and rock music in general at the time. Go grab yourself a few Roots records - particularly the live ones - and then tell me there's no heart in the music, and that it's easy to create. As for sampling, go grab yourself a copy of "Safe From Harm" by Massive Attack and then tell me it's a worse song than the Billy Cobham groove it was built on top of. Or any of the work of DJ Shadow, who knows more about drums and groove than 95% of drummers.

If drummers are to stay influential we have to get with the times. Hip hop is a huge part of our musical culture at the moment, being totally ignorant of it is pretty hard to excuse if you want to consider yourself a serious musician.

If Bonham was around today I'm sure he'd be a mean hip hop drummer. I'd love to see that, actually, he'd be awesome at it.

I think you miss read my sentence. I was by no means talking about old-school rap. I am talking about the likes of 50 cent, P diddy, etc. Sorry if you miss-read but that is what I meant. And if you notice singers like 50 cent usually don't even go on stage with a drummer let alone record with a drummer on one of their albums.
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