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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

[quote=Class A Drummer] As Cymbals Fear Me said, I would like to see how well he plays on an average 4 or 5 peice with less cymbals a single pedal and none of those other toys he uses. I would like to see his skill on smaller sets and other percussion instruments.

I agree with this statement in part; while Eloy demonstarted his skill on a 7 piece kit, I would like to see how good his solo would be without all the " 'toys' " he had added on. This gave him to opportunity to go in which direction he chose.

However, I believe that Eloy worked his way up to using that drum set; no one can move from a 5 piece kit with 4 cymbals and no percussion to a 7 piece kit with 10 or more cymbals and 4 or 5 jam blocks (on of which was on a pedal) overnight and perform as well as Eloy did (unless you are a prodigy with too much time on your hands). He had to probably had practice relentlessly to get to use that set and perform on it well. Eloy deserves a lot of credit.

- Marc
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