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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by aahznightsky
Now he has alot of technique, but i wouldn't say he's anywhere near touching Greb's musicality (and Benny still has the upper hand by just a little technique wise)

And i don't hear Eloy doing any grooving like ya see Greb doing. He's just busting out his licks. When a few of my friends and family so him on the dvd, first thing they said was,

"Where's the groove?"
True; He is very good, but there really wasn't a groove going on. Greb is a master of musicality; this kid has touched upon it, but he hasn't got the experience that Greb has. Given some more time, I think he will become ridiculous; forget 10 years, in 1 year this kid could improve exponentially.

In terms of 4-way independence, I actually have a video of how to utilize 6-way indepence. I still have not perfected it, but am hard at work on it every day. This kid's 4-way blew me away; I have seen it done, but this is amazing. The 14 year old thing is almost a gimmick, though; when I was 8 years old, I was in an art class which had a lot of teenagers and people in their 20s in it. I was talented (not to brag) and looked upon with respect partially due to my age and skill in relation to those around me - I was indeed a lot more artistic than many of the students who had been studying longer than I had been alive. Though I never competed in an art show or anything like that, it is almost the same "gimmick", that is, the young, less-experienced boy will outdo the extremely experienced man.

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