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Default Re: Has Anyone Seen Stan (Steamer)

I'm humbled just checking in on the forum to come across the kind comments found on this thread....thanks everyone!

As Andy pointed out in my recent post I'd mentioned my forum break this year to focus on stuff in the flesh.

I've had a very busy run with various projects both in the studio and for live shows this year. Most recently had some nice concerts with 3 different groups performing original acoustic based jazz music at the Vancouver International Jazz Fest. Directly followed this with a week of performance/teaching and drum master classes at the South Delta Jazz Workshop. This was followed up by a couple a recording projects on the burner to complete. One involved several of my fellow faculty from the SDJW playing the music in particular of alto player and composer Len Aruliah from London, England. The other was a large project involving laying down bed tracks over several nights in the studio of original arrangements with a small group first and then later adding other instruments and and a vocal ensemble into the mix. We performed a version of the final music project with everyone in the same room yesterday in concert...went really well!

Getting back to Len he was asked well in town by the camp director to write nonet arrangements of his originals to be performed for the big wrap up concert for the SDJW camp and festival. That concert was recorded in hi-res video/audio but have not seen anything yet to share. A smaller version of the group with Len has about 2 1/2 hours in the can of Len's and others in the group originals combined with some very cool on the spot open improv's from our 2 days in the studio. Again haven't heard any of it yet so nothing to share folks....

One more recording session tomorrow for the new trio i'm in called Synergy {trombone/electric bass/drums} which performed a couple of sets of its originals at the recent Vancouver Jazz Fest.

A nice summer break in order after that :}..... speaking of which i'm very excited in seeing a major show of Surrealist art and objects at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Largest collection of its kind ever brought into Canada. For those who don't know visual art particularly the works of the Surrealist is my other great love and passion in life...

I think we're all caught up now and here's hoping everyone is having a great summer!

P.S. A repost of two pics taken during the bass/drum duet piece at Rob Kohler's {bass player from LA} noon hour concert during the jazz camp:
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