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Originally Posted by Bonhamfan
Your right. Bonham's beats are sampled quite a bit though along with other great drummers, and that is why I dislike rap, it seems so unimprovised, it's to easy to create and it all sounds the same. There is no heart in that type of music IMO.
Ah, the voice of ignorance speaks. That, I'm quite sure, is what a lot of jazz snobs said about Bonham and rock music in general at the time. Go grab yourself a few Roots records - particularly the live ones - and then tell me there's no heart in the music, and that it's easy to create. As for sampling, go grab yourself a copy of "Safe From Harm" by Massive Attack and then tell me it's a worse song than the Billy Cobham groove it was built on top of. Or any of the work of DJ Shadow, who knows more about drums and groove than 95% of drummers.

If drummers are to stay influential we have to get with the times. Hip hop is a huge part of our musical culture at the moment, being totally ignorant of it is pretty hard to excuse if you want to consider yourself a serious musician.

If Bonham was around today I'm sure he'd be a mean hip hop drummer. I'd love to see that, actually, he'd be awesome at it.
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