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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Im not doubting this kids skill as we are all open to our own opinions but as said before he has alot of raw talent... But he seems to like repeating things and it gets boring. In my opinion it was not a boring solo. I didnt mind him repeating things much. Once in a while it got a little boring but i liked the solo alot and this kid could and probably will go far.

As Cymbals Fear Me said, i would like to see how well he plays on an average 4 or 5 peice with less cymbals a single pedal and none of those other toys he uses. I started out on a five peice with only 2 cymbals then moved on to a 7 peice with double pedal and now have 6 cymbals (and workin on gettin cow bells and wood blocks) so i know i can use a smaller set like that as well as a larger one. I would like to see his skill on smaller sets and other percussion instruments.

As others have said in this thread, i wonder how good he jamming with a guitarist, bass, and keyboardist. Considering the amount of talent he has at soloing... you can tell he would be great at jamming. When you learn how to play the drums, any good teacher will teach you stuff on the hi-hat and ride before they teach you fills. Eloy has already got the fills part down i bet, so he probably knows some good rudiments and patterns. So what im saying is he must be good at playing with others.

Sure hes not weckl or gadd, but hes gettin there.
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