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Originally Posted by ZildjianRock View Post
Reading some of the comments on this thread about Dave, I am totally blown away by those that can't see the absolute perfection and limitless licks that this monster brings to the drumming world.

Not long ago I went on a full night youtube Weckl rampage, and for hours on end searched out and watched every video of his I could find. I emerged from that venture fully believing that Weckl has exceeded all other drummer's technical capabilities in the history of the known universe.

After all, he himself said that his goal very early on was to be the greatest drummer in the world. And I believe he did it. His phrasing of licks across time is just mind boggling. Even Vinnie had met his match on the epic big three drum battle. That was just incredible.

I dare any one of you to do the same, and get a broader sense of his playing by seeing everything you can get your hands on. All things Weckl, for one night. And come away a believer. The dude is over the top good. As someone else said, maybe too good for his own good. With so much to pull from, I can't see how he could structure it all much better in a solo context. In a band context, he is so smooth it hurts.

None of us will EVER be that good. Face it. And it's ok. Because you can still love to play music and be good in your own ways. But only a jealous fool or musical incompetent would not be in total awe of Weckl's abilities and technique. He has it all, and I guess some people just can't handle it. Too bad. Too sad. For them.
There are technically more proficient drummers out there, so saying that no one will be "better" from a technical stand-point is just not true. He is one of the greats though, but people should stop comparing who's the best and get inspired to play their OWN way instead. Borrow some licks and make them your own. That's how you evolve as a drummer. Be the best YOU. Even when I covered Weckl's magic island and access denied, I had this in mind.
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