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Originally Posted by ZildjianRock View Post
None of us will EVER be that good. Face it. And it's ok. Because you can still love to play music and be good in your own ways. But only a jealous fool or musical incompetent would not be in total awe of Weckl's abilities and technique. He has it all, and I guess some people just can't handle it. Too bad. Too sad. For them.
I can't agree more.

My opinion is Weckl is one of the incredible genius's of our time and it's shame people have lost their ability to admire instead of compare or feel threatened.

I suppose if we were alive in the Buddy Rich heyday, similar feelings were shared too though.

For me, Weckl, Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, & Steve Smith are at the top of the ladder.

That in no way takes away from the admiration and inspiration of all the other great drummers that are out there which are way too many to mention. Some of them are on this site!

Most of us could try the rest of our lives and we'd never groove like Billy Ward or Stanton Moore and so, so, so many others.

Admire and appreciate is what I say because all these people make it a great time to be alive as a drummer!
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